AppFoundry specializes in tailor-made mobile & web solutions.

We started out as a ‘frontend’ team within the Cronos group back in 2006, so we’ve been around for a while. Our natural habitat is the mobile/web landscape we love so much. Our passion is helping you deliver state-of-the-art mobile solutions, managed and built by professionals.

We specialize in custom mobile & web solutions, built with proven technologies. As your mobile solution partner we cover all your project needs, from concept/design to delivery, from app to backend and hosting.

In those cases where your needs should surpass our own area of expertise, we can always rely on the specialised services offered by our sister companies within Xplore Group. Even then, AppFoundry will remain your central point of contact and partner across the entire line, from concept to successful result.

As your mobile partner, we like to go beyond the ‘now’. By means of continued internal research and development we are always on the lookout for evolving technologies and possibilities. This way we can ensure that your investment as a customer is guaranteed and future-proof.

By thinking along with you, we can offer high value company critical applications. AppFoundry is already a valued technology partner for many satisfied customers such as VRT, Philips Innovative Applications, Alcatel-Lucent, Vente-Exclusive, Bayer, Argenta, ING, Belfius, GSK, NMBS, Sanoma, Truvo, These Days, UCB, Napoleon Games, etc. We have experience in working with both small & mid-sized companies as well as government related organisations and multinationals.

Quality & Durability

We’re proud of our work and the care we put into it. The apps we create follow some pretty high standards, which, we believe, are crucial for any business-critical project.

We strongly believe in the benefits of solid architecture, clean & well-tested code, and task automation.

We also believe that quality can only be offered by good people surrounded by senior experts. That’s why we’re glad to have some serious senior mobile talent in our midst, guiding the entire team as well as our running projects.

Our team members are strongly encouraged to become specialised or certified in their field of expertise, be it a programming language or a product or framework we rely on.

All this, we believe, leads to excellent results and happy customers.

More than mobile

As we are part of Xplore Group, we are tightly linked with our sister companies, often working closely together in the same location. This gives us valuable direct access to a wide array of other areas of expertise, such as e-commerce solutions, custom backend development, big data science and hosting services.


Our applied technology expertise has grown significantly through the years, including languages such as Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript and related frameworks.

Our team members are encouraged to participate and share in the development community by open-sourcing our internal research & libraries and sharing our knowledge in the form of blogposts and speaking at local & international conferences.

Feel free to check out some of our presentations at

Sharing is caring. We host some of our own software libraries and hobby projects as open source projects on GitHub. This means they’re open for everyone to use, contribute to or adapt.

There are even some handy utility projects in the making which we’d soon like to release as a free service to all.


AppFoundry always works by following a clear and process driven method. This makes each project’s progress transparent and manageable, both for us and for our customers.

As good communication with the customer is crucial for us, we like to align all required steps during a project’s lifetime in close accordance with you, the customer. You will know exactly in which phase of the project we are and what we are working towards, at any moment in time. To be able to offer you a clear view of our progress, we offer intermediate demo’s of the application as it grows.

Every aspect of a project is clearly managed, starting from the first contact, functional design, technical design, development, to the test phase, final acceptance and delivery. At regular intervals during the project’s lifetime, our project managers will walk you through a clear status report.