JavaScript | React

Session Management in React Single Page Applications

This is the second part of the tutorial regarding React SPA and Authentication and Session Management. For the first part please check ...

JavaScript | React

Authentication with ADAL in React Single Page Applications

One of the key features in Single Page Applications (SPAs) is a little thing known as authentication. The ability to login and make authenticated network requests to a backend API are often required, but not always easy to implement. In the first part ...


Direkt – DRYNavigationManager made Swifty



STOP THE FRAME DROP – Texture (AsyncDisplayKit)

The last couple of days I've been working with Texture (AsyncDisplayKit), it's a cool framework that basically makes your app run more efficiently. It's all about the performance gains. Texture works with ...

iOS | Mobile | React Native

React Native Storybook

A few weeks ago I gave an internal presentation about Storybook for React Native. Storybook allows you to create stories with your components which increases development speed, improves reusability and allows you to create prototypes wit...

React | React Native

Student seminar – Intro to React Native

A couple of weeks ago I gave an introductory presentation about React Native to students of the PXL school in Hasselt. As React Native is the next big cross-platform mobile development framework and is a hot topic, we had ...


ARKit tutorial: Star Wars TIE fighter

A lot of interesting things were introduced at WWDC this year. Among them we find ARKit, the new framework that allows developers to create augmented reality mobile apps. This framework will, no doubt, open an entire world of possibilities for iOS developers and will s...

JavaScript | Localistation | React | React Native

React Native Multi-Language Support

React Native is the next best thing in cross-platform mobile development. Being under Facebook’s wings it is rapidly gaining the attention of developers of all backgrounds, be it native developers or web developers, resulting i...

Android | Conductor | DefFest | GDG

GDG DevFest Belgium 2016

Last weekend, AppFoundry’s Android devs Filip & Simon gave two talks at GDG DevFest Belgium 2016. Simon Vergauwen presented ‘Vie...

CI | Continuous Delivery | Fastlane

Fastlane for Android

While improving our continuous delivery system we decided to streamline the process for iOS and Android. Since our iOS team enjoyed using fastlane we decided to give it a try for Android as well. ...

iOS10 | WatchOS 3 | WWDC2016

WWDC 2016

It’s this time of the year again, the time I usually get all cozy in front of my Apple TV. Only this year I got the opportunity to be there, and boy what an experience! Keynote 4 AM, time to get up! Its queuing time! (Atleast, thats what all previous WWD...

Html5 | Sencha

Enterprise WebApps in ExtJs

AppFoundry is a company with a strong focus on mobile development. About 4 years ago we started developing Sencha Touch applications. A little while later a client (Bayer) requested our assistance in development of some in-house desktop applications. Sencha Touch has a very simil...

ExtJs | Html5 | Sencha

Sencha Road Show 2016

Last week we went to the Sencha Road Show in Paris. We got an overview of what Sencha accomplished lately and what to expect in 2016. Me, AppFoundry and Sencha I started my developing endeavors as a Flash/Flex consultant @ AppFoundry. When...


Cross-app communication and plugin architecture in Android

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of presenting my Android Plugin Architecture talk at Mobel, the Belgian Mobile Developer User Group. Have you ever wondered how extensible apps like...

iOS | tvOS

Apple TV Tech Talks London

The new Apple TV is here and so Apple decided to organize talks at 11 places all over the world to spread the word. At AppFoundry, we were lucky enough to be invited at one of these events. In this blogpost I’ll talk a bit about each subject that was addressed at the event. ...

Notifications | Push

Intercepting iOS Notifications

‘In the interest of science’, we wanted to find out if we could intercept and evaluate all notifications arriving on an iOS test device. While investigating, we came across the ...

Debug | iOS

How we do iOS apps: Part 3 – Debug Drawer

This is the third post in a series where we describe how be build iOS apps at AppFoundry. In this part we’ll explain how we add debug settings screens to our applications. Wha...

iOS | Navigation | Storyboard

NavigationManager as an in-code alternative for Storyboard

Imagine a world in which you can commit and push your changes to a feature branch, create a pull request, and never having to fear a merge conflict on a storyboard. The solution? Don’t use them. Now let it be perfectly clear that I love storyboards, and I almost always us...

AppFoundry | iOS | Mobel | testing | vrt

Testing on Mobile

[bscolumns class="two_third"] On December 9th we presented at one of the meetups organised by the Mobel user group. Topic of the evening was ‘Testing on Mobile’...

Android Studio | Live Templates | Timber

Android Studio Live Templates

Android Studio has a lot of nice features to make the lives of us Android developers a lot easier. One of those features is Live Templates. Raise your hand if you don’t know what a Live Template is. Got your hand up? Great, keep reading. Don’t have your ha...

iOS | SoFa | Utilities

DRYUtilities 1.5.0 – iOS utility library

We’re proud to announce DRYUtilites 1.5.0. DRYUtilities is our iOS library of useful utility classes that we need in most of our projects. It includes categories on Foundation and UIKit to make it easier ...

TDD | Test Driven Development

How we do iOS apps: Part 2 – Test Driven Development

This is the second post in a series where we describe how we build iOS apps at AppFoundry. In this post we’ll explain Test Driven Development. TDD In a nutshell TDD (Test Driven Development) can be explained in a single line: ...

Devoxx | iOS

Devoxx Scheduler v5.0 released

Since 2011 we’ve been delivering the official Devoxx scheduler app. The app is your go to conference companion before, during and after the conference. It allows you to check the schedule, plan your devoxx, take notes, get info about the spea...


GearMonster Introduction & Roadmap

GearMonster is a pet project at AppFoundry… it is a case for continuous research & development and evaluation of our software factory for Android. TL;DR: GearMonster is an Android app for stompbox aficionados - get it via ...


How we do iOS apps: Part 1 – Dependency Injection

This is the first post in a series where we describe how be build iOS apps at AppFoundry. In this post we’ll explain Dependency Injection. First steps To see the advantages of Depe...


How we do iOS apps

At AppFoundry we love crafting software that fits the needs of our customers. Since all apps are different, they often require different solutions for different problems. There are, however, some basic principles and solutions that we apply in almost all of our apps. In this s...

Banking | Creative | Hackaton | KBC | Mobile | Monkeyshot

Getting creative at the KBC innovathon

Mobile banking, a convenience to us all, already rocks with mobile payments being fast, easy and super-accessible. However having an app does not mean you can rest easy. In our fast moving digital world it is key to show off your new designs, announce new features and of course k...

Mosby | MVP | Retrofit | RxAndroid | RxJava

Android MVP, Retrofit & Rx

In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of using Rx over Callbacks in (but not limited to) a Model-View-Presenter application architecture. It is assumed you are already familiar with Retrofit and the concepts of Android MVP and RxJava. You can find the example app fro...

Html5 | JavaScript

Angular 2.0, what to expect?

Why Angular 2.0 makes sense? (Edited on 14 september 2015) Some time ago the Angular team announced they’re building on a version 2.0. This version was going to be revolutionary instead of evolutionary. This may sound drastic, but it’s meant in a good wa...

Scrum | Team | vrt

VRT: The team and development process behind the new ‘’ app

VRT recently released their brand new ‘’ app. A news application that inherits the style and concept of the existing mobile site and the experience of a mobile app, basically resulting in much faster news-updates and videos. As a member of the native mobile behin...

Android wear | Belfius | Mobile | Wearables

Belfius Direct Wear

[bscolumns class="one_third"] [/bscolumns][bscolumns class="two_third_last"] Late November 2014, ...

Google Play Services | Security

Google Play Services Dynamic Security Provider

A quick look into the Google Play Services Dynamic Security Provider Recently, Google Play Services 5.0 was released ...

Hunt | Mobile | Scheduler

Devoxx 2014

[bscolumns class="one_third"] [/bscolumns][bscolumns class="two_third_last"] This week, ...

Cordova | Html5 | Ionic | Phonegap | Windows Phone

Ionic framework on a Windows Phone

I recently built a Hybrid app for Android and iOS with the Ionic framework. Without too much trouble I used the native resources of the device like GPS, contact list and share options successfully. The look and feel of the app is the same on every device without having to write a...

iOS | Reliant | Xcode

Objective-C dependency injection in 4 easy steps

In this article we’ll show you how to easily apply dependency injection (DI) in your code with Reliant, our open-source DI framework. In a few easy steps you’ll learn how to set up a very simple ‘Hello World’ DI scena...

Cordova | Html5 | Ionic | Phonegap

Faster hybrid development with Yeoman, Ionic and Cordova

[bscolumns]While searching for a blogpost to set up a development environment with Ionic & Grunt I ran into this blogpost “Quickly start an app using Yeoman, Ionic, Angula...

Mac OS X

Top 5 libraries every iOS developer should know about

Libraries, we all know them and we all use them. They make our life as developers easier and let us win days of precious dev-time. In this post I would like to guide you through my personal top 5 Objective-C libraries. Let’s get started with number one: ...


iOS multi-environment configuration

This small example shows how you can set up your XCode projects to configure your apps for multiple deployment environments. Motivation When developing apps, you might need differen...


Swift Optionals

This blog post is all about Optionals, a language concept baked into Apple’s Swift programming language. We’ll start off with a practical use case, in which we explain how optionals are used. We will then extend the example to make the code shorter, and hopefully, more readab...