DRYUtilities 1.5.0 – iOS utility library

Dec, 3, 2015 • Mike Seghers

Categories: Apple, iOS, SoFa, Utilities

We’re proud to announce DRYUtilites 1.5.0. DRYUtilities is our iOS library of useful utility classes that we need in most of our projects. It includes categories on Foundation and UIKit to make it easier to:

  • manipulate strings
  • generate colors
  • load views
  • etc …
Next to the categories we also include:
  • resource readers
  • configuration helpers
  • a CoreData table view
  • a keychain security wrapper
For more info, please check our example app on GitHub and read the documentation on CocoaDocs. Of course DRYUtilties is easy to integrate in you own project, using cocoapods! By open-sourcing this library, we hope you win some development time and contribute back some of your own handy utilities.

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