Randstad Ploy

Take control of your work with Ploy

About the app

Ploy is a solution that enables hospitality entrepreneurs and staff to immediately work with each other on a flexible basis.

With Ploy this can be done round the clock thanks to the specially developed app. Ploy takes care of everything. You can post job opportunities 24/7 or accept a job as a candidate.

You arrange everything via the app. Visiting an office or keeping extra administration is no longer necessary. You are ready in a few clicks!

How it works

The hospitality entrepreneurs plan their shifts. They send these to their own private pool or to the participants on the platform when they require extra help.

The hospitality staff (Ployers) only receive those jobs of the establishment they are already working for or that correspond to their wishes and abilities. They are then free to react.

The hospitality entrepreneur eventually decides who gets to work.

Everyone has a profile on Ploy with the necessary information. Profiles are also enriched with recommendations and experiences of other users. This mutual feedback is especially interesting to help form an opinion and make a decision in the event of a first collaboration.


  • customer delight and re-defining interim work in the new economy
  • building a peer-to-peer community
  • freedom and motivation by being able to choose your own jobs based on your talents, where and whenever YOU want
  • offering attractive employment solutions to new groups (50+, housewives, part time workers)
  • 24/7, real time
  • fully integrated on all mobile platforms
  • automated real time payments
  • fully compliant on all legal aspects
  • easy to use with a great experience
  • simple and transparent pricing
  • mutual feedback


Two app versions have been developed.

One app for candidates, called ‘Ploy’

One app for business, called ‘Ploy Pro’