Telenet CamerApp

About the app

A great marketing campaign can catch even more spotlight with a nice catchy marketing app. That’s exactly what we helped TheseDays Y&R do for Telenet’s ‘Vollenbak Vooruit‘ campaign!

This campaign is packed with nostalgic references to how we used to do things in the good old days.

TheseDays approached us with the idea for creating an app that acts exactly like an old throw-away camera. You use the app to take a maximum of 15 pictures. You can only see your subject through a small view finder and can not see any of your pictures until they are ‘developed’, just like old times. After filling in a form, Telenet will send the printed pictures to the user’s home address.

About the project

  • Developed by AppFoundry in a span of 3 weeks
  • Released for iOS and Android
  • Tested by AppFoundry on all current iPhone models and a selection of Android phones
  • As part of the project, AppFoundry assisted in all Apple/Google/Store related matters from start to successful release in the stores

App Features

  • Custom viewfinder
  • Realistically animated scroller and picture counter
  • Realistic sound effects for scroller & flash
  • Timed notifications
  • Can only be used once per device
  • Form with validation messages
  • File upload with custom progress indicator
  • Social sharing
  • Facebook event tracking
  • REST/JSON communication with remote backend


  • 25.000 installs in the first 2 weeks
  • Average of 10.000 sessions per day
  • 76% daily active users
  • #1 App Store – Free apps category
  • #1 Play Store – Top New Apps
  • Trending on Twitter