Telenet Phub’d

The Challenge

An excellent marketing campaign can get even more spotlight with the help of a fun and remarkable marketing app. This is exactly what we helped Wunderman achieve with some of their recent Telenet campaigns.

Our Solution

'Phubbing' is a phenomenon of our times where people tend to pay more attention to their smartphones than to the people around them. Quite annoying sometimes during a night out with friends.

The Phub'd app is a fun way to help you avoid 'phubbing'.

Open the app together with some friends, start a round of Phub'd and set your smartphones aside. Whoever first unlocks or handles their smartphone is Phub'd and will have to perform a fun task (at least for their friends ;))!


Currently we've released around 5 fun marketing apps for Telenet via Wunderman. Some of these apps reached up to 2.3 miljoen people on social media and topped the Google Play and Apple App Store at #1.

Wunderman even won silver at the IAB MIXX Awards with one of our apps!

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