Decathlon Essential Gear

The Challenge

Dobit Solutions’ contacted us to build an interactive digital experience for their customer, Decathlon. Kiosks displayed inside Decathlon stores should guide customers in finding and buying the right hockey equipment. Can we do this? Of course we can! 💪

Our Solution

We accepted the challenge and set out to become familiar with the technologies required to make this possible.

Using a set of ‘Elo’ screens, an ‘Elo’ backpack and a motion detection camera, we delivered an Android based solution called the ‘Essential Gear Wall App’.

The application continuously loops an informational video. Once customers come near the screen, they are greeted by one of the characters in the app. They are politely asked how we can help and interactively guided towards the product they need.

Once the customer made a choice, they are seamlessly looped through to Decathlon’s commerce app where they can finish the sale.


In less than 2 months time we adapted the required technology, build and tested the solution and released within an international set of Decathlon stores.

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